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The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is breathing new life into our Willamette Falls property, known as tumawata village. Our healing vision will bring restoration, revitalization and renewed access for everyone to this singular site we call tumwata village.

Because this is such a culturally and regionally important area, it has significance for everyone in our community. Donations from community members, neighbors, nonprofits, businesses and anyone in the region who values this treasure will help fund our environmental restoration work at the site. Because we are a federally recognized Tribe, donations are tax deductible.

To donate securely online, scroll down to the Donation Form.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and mail it to tribal headquarters at 9615 Grand Ronde Road, Grand Ronde, OR, 97347.

We are thankful for your support.

  • I support the Willamette Falls project because …

    When I learned of your tribe’s acquisition and plans for the parcel of land that surrounds Willamette Falls, your vision went beyond what I had hoped for. It was an answer to my prayers, dreams and visions for that land. May the Great Spirit bless your tribe many times over, and guide you in your vision for returning the sanctity of that land surrounding the Falls.
    Chas W.
  • I support the Willamette Falls project because …

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You!’ for your work and dedication in restoring the falls in Oregon City. Although I am not native American, I have been coming to your pow wows for a long time. Thank you for your stewardship of this great land, and I look forward to the return of your pow wows.
    Dennis S.
  • I support the Willamette Falls project because …

    As a resident of Oregon City, my family and I are looking forward to seeing the falls and the surrounding land returned to its natural beauty and to your tribe. We understand it will take years to accomplish this, and look forward to seeing the progress as time goes on. Hoping for good things ahead in this endeavor for The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Chad G.

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