About the Grand Ronde at tumwata/Willamette Falls

In 2019, nearly 160 years after the people of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde were forcibly removed from their homelands at tumwata/Willamette Falls, the Tribe renewed its connection to the falls with the purchase of the 23-acre tumwata Village site. Since then, the Tribe has begun a journey to restore the land, expand access to the falls, share its story and revitalize the surrounding area.

Tumwata/Willamette Falls has always been a place of great significance to the Grand Ronde Tribe. Grand Ronde creation stories tell of how Coyote and Meadowlark created the falls for tribal people.

Willamette Falls was also an important location for many Tribes. A type of economic hub, tribal members came from all over to fish, trade and interact at the falls.

Now we will breathe new life into our tumwata/Willamette Falls property. Our healing vision will bring restoration, revitalization and renewed access for everyone to this singular site we call tumwata village.

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Members of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde at a powwow event.

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Vintage photograph of two large salmon leaping at Willamette Falls.

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Closeup of Willamette Falls with logs jammed in the rocks.

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